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The Sheriffs’ Retirement System was established by the 82nd General Assembly of the State of Missouri and is authorized by the provisions of Sections 57.949 through 57.997, RSMo. The System was enacted into law December 21, 1983 and began issuing retirement benefits in January 1986 to 21 retirees and 2 beneficiaries.

The statutes provide that the general administration and responsibility for the proper operation of the fund and the investment of the fund be vested in a Board of Directors of five persons. At least one but not more than two of the Directors must be a retired member of the System.

On and after December 21, 1983, each person employed as an elected or appointed sheriff of a county (other than St. Louis County) is a member of the Sheriffs’ Retirement System. Membership continues as long as the person continues to be an employee or receives or is eligible to receive benefits.

Any member who is age 55 and who has 12 years or more of creditable service or any member who is age 62 and who has at least 8 years of creditable service as sheriff of a county may retire with a normal annuity. In addition to the normal annuity, joint and 100%, 75%, or 50% survivor options as well as a life annuity with 5 or 10 years of guaranteed payment retirement options are available. (See the Retirement Pension Descriptions Document for details.)

A member may retire any time after the end of the month that the member is eligible to retire. A retirement option must be selected by the member on an ‘Application for Retirement Benefits’. The application must be filed no less than 30 nor more than 90 days prior to the effective retirement date. Once benefits have been issued, the election which was made is irrevocable.